How to pair wines

How to learn to pair?

The pairing, the perfect harmony between wine and food. The general rule dictates “White wines with white meat and pasta or red wines with red meat” but the offer is much broader. The key is to find the combination to enhance the qualities of both and never overshadow each other.

Find your ideal pairing:

1) Pairing by affinity: It's a match !

You must identify similar flavors, aromas and sensations to achieve a point of union between wine and the dish; one should not stand out above the other, but rather be complementary. For example: Fresh dishes with lemon, tomato or citrus fruits are ideal for fruity wines with a degree of acidity. In the case of a tannic or full-bodied wine, it combines with spicy and grilled dishes. Sweet wines are perfect for desserts with chocolate, caramel or fruits.

2) Contrast pairing: Opposites attract

Break the rules, create a contrast of opposite but complementary flavors, balancing the excesses and deficiencies between the dish and the wine:

Salty cheeses and sweet wines : In France, the pairing between Roquefort or goat cheese and sweet wine is ancient.

Spicy dishes and white wines : You can also try combining spicy preparations with white wines, Asian, Mexican and Peruvian flavors go really well with young, fresh, fruity white wines with enveloping acidity.

Hard cheeses and sweet fortified wines : Surprising complement between products with marked salinity and fatness enhanced by sweetness.

Would you like to know more about wines?

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